Variables and Functions Overview

Variables and Functions

Variables and functions can be used in free-text fields within tasks and workflows. When a variable or function is specified in a free-text field, the Controller inserts its value into the field when the task or workflow is run.

Triggers can pass variables and functions into the tasks and workflows that they launch.

Additionally, email notifications for Controller resources (agents, OMS servers, and cluster nodes) can use Built-In Variables that are specific to that type of resource.

Types of Variables

Universal Controller supports the following types of variables, all of which can be used in free text fields within tasks:

User-Defined Variables

These variables are created by the user for use within:

Built-In Variables

These variables, maintained by the Controller, allow you to access information about task instances and other related data, such as task name, task status, and trigger name.


These variables calculate some value, such as current date and time, or perform some function, such as _replaceAll.

Setting Variables under Special Circumstances

The Controller also supports several features that allow you to set variables under special circumstances: