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This Universal Task provides the capabilities for submitting JCL Requests to UniKix Batch Processing Environment by using BPESUB CLI Command with additional capabilities like fetching the logs and output files, validating successful execution and running a profile environment script before running the command.

The BPESUB command is an operating system utility used to submit JCL requests in UniKix Batch Processing Environment. 

Version Information

Template NameExtension NameExtension Version

Refer to Changelog for version history information.


Software Requirements for Universal Template and Universal Task

This integration requires BPESUB command and optionally an environment script to set the config parameters of the BPESUB command.

Software Requirements Universal Agent

Only Linux agents are supported:

  • Universal Agent for Linux Version and later with python options installed.

Software Requirements Universal Controller

Universal Controller Version and later.

Key Features

The Universal Task provides the following key features:

  • Submit Request
  • Fetch Logs
  • Process output to identify step exit codes
  • Execute Environment Script

Import Universal Template

To use the Universal Template, you first must perform the following steps.

  1. This Universal Task requires the Resolvable Credentials feature. Check that the Resolvable Credentials Permitted system property has been set to true.

  2. To import the Universal Template into your Controller, follow the instructions here.

  3. When the files have been imported successfully, refresh the Universal Templates list; the Universal Template will appear on the list.

Configure Universal Task

For a new Universal Task, create a new task, and enter the required input fields.

The following lists the input fields required for a selected Action.

Supported Actions

The following Actions are supported:


Use Case

Required Parameters


Submitting JCL

  • Action: Required (Type: Choice)
  • Jobname: Optional (Type: Text)
  • Debug: Optional, Default: false (Type: Boolean)
  • Step Name: Optional (Type: Text)
  • Restart: Optional, Default: false (Type: Boolean)
  • Override: Optional, Default: false (Type: Boolean)
  • Other Options: Optional (Type: Text)
  • BPE Install Dir: Required (Type: Text)
  • Profile: Optional (Type: Text)
  • Process Output: Optional, Default: true (Type: Boolean)

Action: Submit

Input Fields

The input fields for this Universal Task are described in the following table.

Input Type
Default Value
ChoiceSelect an action
TextEnter value for Job Name
debugOptionalfalseBooleanSelect to enable Debug Mode
TextEnter value for Restart or Re-Run Step
restartOptionalfalseBooleanSelect to enable restart mode otherwise it will be re-run
overrideOptionalfalseBooleanSelect to enable Override option
TextEnter other options to be passed to binary.
TextEnter value for BPE Installation Folder. Don't add public/bin to the path
TextEnter value for profile. This profile will be executed before running the program.
process_outputOptionaltrueBooleanSelect to enable output processing. When enabled out will be parsed to get the status of each step and overridden return codes for each step.
Large TextThis field will display the status of the steps. Output Only.
TextThis field will display the last executed step. Output Only.

Task Examples

Configuration example - Running a request with Environment Script

Configuration example - Running a request and Process Output

Task Output

Exit Codes

The exit codes for this Universal Extension are described below.

Exit CodeStatus Classification CodeStatus Classification DescriptionDescription
0SUCCESSSuccessful ExecutionSuccessful Task execution
10FAILEDFolder not found

BPE Install Directory not found.

11FAILEDBinary Path not found

BPESUB command not found under <BPE_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>/public/bin/BPESUB path.

BPESUB command failed with exit code X
The BPESUB program exited with a status other than 0. Exit code will be same as the status code. Check the outputs. 


STDOUT and STDERR provide additional information to the User. The populated content can be changed in future versions of this extension without notice. Backward compatibility is not guaranteed.

STDOUT will have the output from BPESUB command and the log file content.

EXTENSION is not used.

Document References

This document references the following documents:

Document Link


Universal Templates

User documentation for creating, working with, and understanding Universal Templates and Integrations.

Universal Tasks

User documentation for creating Universal Tasks in the Universal Controller user interface.


ue-cs-unikix-1.0.0 (2024-03-04)


  • Initial Version