Available Integrations

The following table identifies the Integrations that are available for Universal Controller.

The Name of each Integration is a link to a separate page containing detailed information about that Integration.



Available from Release

Amazon S3: Cloud Storage Bucket File Transfer

Securely transfers files from, to and between AWS S3 cloud storage buckets and folders.

UC and later
Amazon SQS: Create, Monitor, and Send Messages

Create, send and monitor AWS SQS messages and automatically trigger a task in Universal Controller once a message has been received.

UC and later
Amazon SQS Message

Send an AWS SQS message towards an existing queue.

UC and later
Amazon SQS Monitor

Monitor AWS SQS messages from an existing queue and run job(s) and/or workflows accordingly.

UC and later

Ansible: Execute and Manage Playbooks

Manage Ansible task execution through the Universal Controller user interface.

UC and later

Apache Airflow

Integrate with Apache Airflow and use it as part of your end-to-end Universal Controller workflow, allowing high-level visibility and orchestration of data-oriented jobs or pipelines.

UC and later
Apache Kafka: Event Monitor Publish events (messages) from topics in Kafka.UC and later
Apache Kafka: Publish EventPublish events (messages) to topics in Kafka.UC and later
AWS BatchSubmit new AWS Batch Jobs as well as read the status for an existing AWS Batch Job.UC and later

AWS EC2: Create Instances

Create an EC2 instance with parameters, either in task form, or by simply creating an EC2 instance from the existing AWS launch template.

UC and later

AWS EC2: Start, Stop, and Terminate Instances

Start, stop, terminate, and manage AWS EC2 instances on demand, simply by providing one or more instance IDs as input.

UC and later
AWS CLIStart running commands that implement functionality equivalent to that provided by the browser-based AWS Management Console from the command prompt in your terminal program.UC and later
AWS Glue

Provides the capability to submit a new AWS Glue Job.

UC and later
AWS Lambda

Extends other AWS services with custom logic or creates your own back-end services that operate at AWS scale, performance, and security.

UC and later
AWS Mainframe ModernizationAllows migrating and modernizing on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS.UC and later
AWS Step FunctionsExecute AWS Step Functions from Universal ControllerUC and later
Azure AZ CLIThe Azure command-line interface (Azure CLI) is a set of commands used to create and manage Azure resources.UC and later
Azure Batch Provides the capability to add Azure Jobs, add Azure Batch Tasks to existing Azure Jobs, and optionally monitor Azure Task execution for completion (successful or failed).UC and later
Azure Blob: Manage File TransfersSecurely transfers files from, to and between Azure Blob Storage container and folders.UC and later
Azure Data Factory: Schedule, Trigger, and Monitor

Schedule, trigger, and monitor the Azure Data Factory pipeline process directly from Universal Controller.

UC and later
Azure Logic Apps: Schedule, Trigger, and Monitor Workflows

Trigger and monitor the execution of Azure Logic workflows and retrieve the execution of Azure Logic workflow output.

UC and later

Azure Synapse

Run, monitor, and re-start Azure Synapse Pipelines from the Universal Automation Center.UC and later
Azure Virtual Machines: Start, Stop, and Terminate Instances

Utilize Azure Virtual Machine (VM) name, resource group, subscription ID, and access token as inputs for the start, stop, terminate, list, and check status of Azure VMs.

UC and later
Cloud Data MonitorMonitor files/directories from across different cloud storages, as well as local or distributed file systems. Additionally and upon successful monitor, this extension publishes Local Universal Events.UC and later.
Inter-Cloud Data TransferProvides the capability to manage and synchronize files from across different cloud storages, as well as local or distributed file systems.UC and later
Databricks: Automate Jobs and Clusters

Perform end-to-end Orchestration and Automation of Jobs & Clusters in Databricks environment, either in AWS or Azure.

UC and later


Manage and transform data in a reliable and scalable manner.UC and later.
E-Mail: Send and Retrieve E-Mails and Attachments

Send and retrieve E-Mails and E-Mail attachments, as well as download mail attachments to a mail folder.

UC and later
FivetranFivetran is a cloud-based data integration platform that helps businesses automate the process of extracting data from various sources, transforming it, and loading it into a data warehouse for analysis.UC and later.
GitGit is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.UC and later
GitHub: Automated Import/Export

Perform server operations, such as importing/exporting Universal Automation Center objects and integrating with GitHub, as well as allowing the import/export of Universal Automation Center objects using the Universal Controller script library.

UC and later
Google BigQuery: Schedule, Trigger, Monitor, and Orchestrate Operations

Schedule, trigger, monitor, and orchestrate the Google BigQuery process directly from Universal Controller.

UC and later

GPG Task

Encrypting and Decrypting Files using GnuPG.UC and later

IBM InfoSphere DataStage Jobs

Allows users to schedule, trigger, monitor, and orchestrate the InfoSphere DataStage jobs directly from Universal Controller via the InfoSphere DataStage Command-line Interface(CLI). It also helps to set up dependencies between Datastage jobs and other applications or platforms using UAC workflows and trigger DataStage Jobs from UAC either time-based or event-based.UC and later
Informatica Cloud: Schedule, Control, and Manage

Schedule any Data Integration Task or Linear Taskflow in the Informatica Cloud.

UC and later
Informatica PowerCenter: Schedule, Control, and Manage

Schedule Informatica PowerCenter Workflows and Tasks, including retrieval of the workflow and session log.

UC and later
Inter Cloud Data Transfer - ObsoleteTransfer data to, from, and between any of the major private and public cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.UC and later
Jenkins: Start and Trigger Workflows

Improves the functionality of Jenkins when orchestrated from Universal Controller.

UC and later
Jira Service Management - Cloud (Jira Service Desk)Create requests, create new customers, add customers to a service desk project and remover customers form a service project in Jira Service Desk straight from the Universal Controller.UC and later
JScape: Managed File TransferManage and integrate JSCAPE Managed File Transfer Server processes within UAC automation processes and workflows.UC and later
Microsoft Power BI: Refresh Business IntelligencePerform end-to-end Orchestration and Automation of Jobs & Clusters in Databricks environment, either in AWS or Azure.UC and later
Microsoft SQL: Schedule SSRSCall a script to deploy a report on the Reporting Services WebserverUC and later
Microsoft SQL: SSIS Package Execution

Allows users to list and select the SSIS Folder, Project, Environment Reference, and SSIS Package while creating the job. It also can trigger the SSIS package execution in the Microsoft SQL server, monitor the SSIS Package execution, and fetch SSIS logs to Universal Controller when the SSIS package execution has completed.

UC and later
Microsoft Teams: Monitor ChannelMonitor a Microsoft Teams channel for uploaded files and run job(s) and/or workflows accordingly.UC and later
Microsoft Teams: Send and Receive Notifications

Send messages to an existing channel of Microsoft Teams, allowing you to integrate this solution in UAC to notify users for UAC result or send approval notifications on Microsoft teams.

UC and later
Microsoft Teams: Send Message with AttachmentPost messages with attachments on a Microsoft Teams channel.UC and later
NTTData: UniKixProvides the capabilities for submitting JCL Requests to UniKix Batch Processing Environment by using BPESUB CLI Command with additional capabilities like fetching the logs and output files, validating successful execution and running a profile environment script before running the command.UC and later
Oauth2: Get TokenEnables a third-party application to obtain limited access to an HTTP service.UC and later
OpenShift CLIRun any OpenShift command from the Universal Agent. OpenShift CLI (oc) is bundled within this integration and does not require separate installationUC and later
Acts as an interface to OpenShift CLI (oc) enabling users to trigger the execution of OpenShift Jobs from the Universal Controller. OpenShift CLI (oc) is bundled within this integration and does not require separate installation.UC and later
Oracle EBS RequestProvides the capabilities for submitting Oracle EBS Concurrent Requests by using CONCSUB CLI Command with additional capabilities like fetching the logs and output files, validating successful execution and running EBS environment script before running the concurrent request.UC and later
PagerDuty: Manage Alerts

Notify PagerDuty (Incident management platform) in the event of job Failure or long run of a job or early finish of a job or any other event in Universal Controller.

UC and later
Pentaho IntegrationProvides powerful ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) capabilities. Universal Controller is integrated to orchestrate the jobs and transformations within Pentaho Data Integration platform via Carte webservice calls.UC and later
Qlik SenseA Business Intelligence (BI) Tool that lets users onnect and combine data from hundreds of data sources by defining data pipelines as applications. Data can then be visualized via custom dashboards on a Qlik Sense Cloud instance (Business or Enterprise edition) or by using a Desktop application (Enterprise Windows edition).UC and later
Salesforce: Create Contact and Lead Object

Create contact and lead objects in Salesforce, as well as execute Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries.

UC and later
SAP: Batch Input MapSchedule and execute batch input sessions in SAP.UC and later
SAP: Business Object Data ServicesExecute an SAP Data Services “ETL” Job using the “AL_RWJobLauncher.exe”.UC and later
SAP: Business Objects Scheduling Web Intelligence Documents and Crystal Reports

Schedule Crystal Reports and Webi reports, supporting multiple prompts and different output formats such as PDF, EXCEL, and Webi.

UC and later
SAP: Calendar Import

Import the SAP Factory Calendar and the related Holiday Calendar into the Universal Controller.

UC and later
SAP: Event History Monitor

Queries the SAP Event history table for a selected SAP Event & Parameter. If the Event is found, it gets confirmed, so that it is not triggered again. Optionally, a task can be launched based on the occurrence of an Event & Parameter.

UC and later
SAP: Extract Job Definition

Export SAP Job definitions from SAP into one flat file for each Job selected for extraction.

UC and later
SAP HANA XSAProvides the capability to schedule SAP HANA extended application services Jobs (SAP HANA XSA Jobs) from the Universal Automation Center. UC and later
SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)Helps to integrate SAP Integrated Business Application (IBP) application and orchestrate the schedule and launch of SAP IBP jobs from UAC. The dependencies of the IBP jobs with other platforms or applications can also be managed via UAC workflows.UC and later

SAP: Job Intercept Monitor

The SAP Job Intercept Monitor checks, in a configurable interval, whether there are jobs with the status "intercepted" in SAP. As soon as one or more jobs with the status "intercepted" are found, the jobs are automatically started by the universal controller.

UC and later

ServiceNow: Create Tickets and Change Requests

Create incident tickets, problem tickets, and change requests in ServiceNow straight from the Universal Controller.

UC and later
ServiceNow: Event

Detect, analyze, and respond to various events in real-time in the ServiceNow Platform.

UC and later
ServiceNow: IncidentAllow customers to create incident tickets in ServiceNow straight from the Universal Controller.UC and later
Slack BotProvides Slack Commands that let a user gain information about reports, agents and task instances, or even alter the latter.UC and later
Slack: Send and Receive Notifications and Approvals

Sends job status notifications to a Slack channel and enables users to send interactive messages in Slack for Universal Controller manual task approvals.

UC and later
Snowflake: Schedule, Trigger, Monitor, and Orchestrate Operations

Orchestrate, schedule, trigger, and monitor the Snowflake load and unload process from different data sources (cloud storage or local VM’s) directly from Universal Controller.

UC and later
SQL: Execute Scripts and Functions

Execute SQL scripts and functions against a MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP HANA database.

UC and later


Integrate with ODBC-compliant database, by running single or multiple SQL commands and retrieving the resulting data. While it is designed to work with any ODBC-compliant database, it is thoroughly tested against MySQL, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA databases.UC and later
Tableau: Refresh Data SourcePerform instant refresh to the Tableau Data sources worksheet and schedule refresh tasks in sync with the source systems to provide real time analytics.UC and later

Temenos (T24)

Monitoring of the triggered COB (Close of Business) process from UAC by COB execution stages with an intuitive interface providing the centralized Dashboard and reporting features and notify in case of COB failures or any SLA violations in the course of COB execution.UC and later

Temenos COB Monitor

Allows UAC to Schedule, trigger & Monitor the Daily Close of Business (COB) process in the T24 System automatically and it also helps to build your own COB workflow including the COB Pre and post-COB conditions which might be critical for the COB execution process.UC and later
TerraformAn infrastructure as code tool that lets you define both cloud and on-prem resources in human-readable configuration files that you can version, reuse, and share. You can then use a consistent workflow to provision and manage all of your infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.UC and later

Universal Extension allows sending SMS/WhatsApp/Voice message to a list of recipients.

UC and later
UAC - Docker ComposeUniversal Task for Docker Compose Functions, Build, Up, Down, Start, Stop Functions.UC and later
UAC - Docker ContainerUniversal Task to manage Docker Containers, Run, Create, Start, Stop and Remove Functions.UC and later
UAC - Docker ImageUniversal Task to manage Docker Images, Build, Remove, Pull, Push, and Tag Functions.UC and  later
UAC - Kubernetes

Kubernetes List (Get), Create,  Delete and Replace Functions.

UC and later
UAC - Powershell

Universal Task to Run Powershell Scripts.

UC and later
UAC - Remote Controller

Run Task or Workflow on a Remote Universal Controller.

UC and later

UAC - SSH Tasks

Execute Command or Script on Remote SSH Server with no UC Agent Installed, Remote Server Requires an SSH Server.

UC and later

UAC - UA Install

Install UA via SSH Server, Download UA install from SB Website.

UC and later
UAC - UC Report

Run a Universal Controller report and deliver output to a specified server and file location.

UC and later

UAC - UDM Gateway Tasks

UDM Gateway Integration Tasks.

UC and later

UAC Solution Pack: Dynamic Container File Monitoring and File TransferDynamic File Monitoring and File Transfer solution for containerized applications running in any container management solution.UC and later
UAC Utility: File CompressionCompress and decompress a file, with or without password encryption.UC and later
UAC Utility: For-Each-Input LoopAutomate the processing of input data by reading it from a flat file in Windows/Linux or a UAC script data repository.UC and later
UAC Utility: Jobs As Code (JaC)Regardless of whether you create your Universal Automation Center (UAC) job definitions using the drag-and-drop designer or as code in a development environment, the UAC jobs-as-code solution provides guidance and tools to integrate those definitions with a Git repository.UC and later
UDMG File Transer Provides the capability to perform file transfer where UDMG is the client and upload or download files to remote partners.UC and later
UDMG OpenPGPSecurely manage File transfers with external business partners (i.e. Customers or Suppliers) and between any endpoint in today’s Hybrid-IT infrastructure, on-premises, or in the cloud (public and or private). It also comes up with a keystore for PGP public and private keys.UC and later
UiPath: Schedule, Trigger, and Monitor Processes

Schedule, trigger, and monitor the UiPath (RPA) process directly from the Universal Controller.

UC and later
VMware vSphere IntegrationOrchestrate VMware vCenter Server operations from the Universal Controller. It encourages collaboration by enabling automated deployment and management of Virtual machines on the EXSi hosts connected to the vCenter Server.UC and later
WebserviceCall a web service triggered from Universal Agent.UC and later
Web Service IntegrationCall endpoints of foreign APIs.UC and later