SAP: Extract Job Definition


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This Universal Task allows you to export SAP Job definitions from SAP into one flat file for each Job selected for extraction. The Jobs definitions to extract from SAP are provided in a CSV input file saved in the Universal Controller script library. For each Job to extract the SAP Jobname and SAP Job count ID needs to be provided in the input file.

The extracted SAP Job definition files can then by read by the Stonebranch Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT), which transitions each read Job definition file into an SAP Task. If the SAP Job was in status Released, meaning Start conditions had been defined in SAP for that Job, than automatically a time trigger with the scheduling criteria will be created by the transition tool. As result the transitioned SAP Task are ready to be scheduled in the same way as in SAP.

This document focuses on the Universal Task, which extracts the Job definitions from SAP. The Stonebranch Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT) to read the extracted Job definitions files and create SAP Tasks and related trigger from it is described in the XCT documentation.

Software Requirements

Software Requirements Universal Agents and Controller

  • Universal Agent for Linux or Windows Version or later are required

Software Requirements Universal Controller

  • Universal Controller or later is required

  • A Universal Controller license key with support for SAP connector is required

Software Requirements for the Application to be Scheduled

In order to connect to the SAP System the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50 libraries are required from SAP.

Those can be downloaded from the SAP Software Download: SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50

SAP Extract Job Definitions Key Features

  • EDxport SAP Job definitions from SAP into one flat file for each SAP Job

  • Also any defined start criteria will be exported for SAP each Job

  • Jobs to be extracted can be in any Status (for example, SCHEDULED, RELEASED, CANCELED, FINISHED)

  • The Jobs to be extracted are provide via list saved in the Universal Controller script library

  • A detailed log file will be provided after each extraction process to identify Jobs which could not be found in SAP; for example, a Jobname has been provided in the input file, which does not exists in the SAP System

  • The extracted SAP Job definition files can than by read by the Stonebranch Conversion Tool (CTK), which transitions each read Job definition file into an SAP Task, including defined Start criteria

  • Support for Application Server Connection and Destination Connection (nwrfc.ini); for example, Load Balancer connections, SAP SNC)

Import SAP Extract Job Definitions Downloadable Universal Template

To use this downloadable Universal Template, you first must perform the following steps:

  1. This Universal Task requires the Resolvable Credentials feature. Check that the Resolvable Credentials Permitted system property has been set to true.
  2. To import the Universal Template into your Controller, follow the instructions here.
  3. When the files have been imported successfully, refresh the Universal Templates list; the Universal Template will appear on the list.

Configure SAP Extract Job Definitions Task

For the new Universal Task type, create a new task and enter the task-specific Details that were created in the Universal Template.

Field Descriptions for the SAP Extract Job Definitions Task



Universal Controller URL; for example:

Local Universal Controller:

Stonebranch SaaS Cloud Universal Controller:

UAC REST Credentials

Credentials of the Universal Controller Webservice API

Working Directory

Any Linux or Windows directory, which will be used to store the extracted Job definitions in. The directory must exist on the server where the Universal SAP Connector Agent is installed.


  • Windows: C:\work\CTK\sap

  • Linux: /home/stone/work/CTK/sap

Input File Separator

This field contains the Input File Separator used in the Input File; for example, “,” or “;”

Input File

Input file containing the SAP Jobs to extract.

The format is:

<SAP Jobname >,<SAP Jobcount ID>

Example: sap_jobs.csv


SAP Connection Type

[ Application Server Connection | NRFW.ini Connection) ]

Select the SAP Connection Type:

Application Server Connection or Destination Connection using the nwrfc.ini file.

Default location for the nwrfc.ini file is:

  • Linux: /opt/universal/uagsrv

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Universal\UAGSrv

SAP Credentials


SAP Application to connect to.

This field is only visible in case of SAP Connection Type = “Application Server Connection”


SAP Client e.g. 100

SAP Sysnr

SAP System Number; for example, 00

SAP Dest

SAP Destination in the nwrfc.ini.

This field is only visible in case of SAP Connection Type = “NRFW.ini Connection


Universal Task logging settings [DEBUG | INFO| WARNING | ERROR | CRITICAL]

Example: SAP Extract Job Definition - Application Server Connection

Example: SAP Extract Job Definition - Destination Connection (nwrfc.ini)

Execute SAP Extract Job Definitions Task

When you launch the SAP Extract Job Definitions Task it will connect to the provide SAP System an extract the Job definition to one flat file per SAP Job. In addition the a log-file will be generated, showing you if all SAP Jobs could be extracted or if some jobs could not be found.

The Log-files and Job definition flat files will be written to the following directories:

  • <Working Directory>jobdef<DDMMYYY_HHMMSS_convout>

  • <Working Directory>log

 <Working Directory>: is the directory set in the Task Field: Working Directory; for example, C:\work\CTK\sap\

Example Output:

Working Directory = C:\work\CTK\sap\

Extracted Job Definitions

Log-file Example