Informatica Cloud: Schedule, Control, and Manage


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This integration allows users to schedule any Data Integration Task, Linear Taskflow, Taskflow, or Process in the Informatica Cloud.

All communication is Web-Service based using the latest Informatica REST API version 2 & 3 with support for folders.

Log files, including activity, session, and error logs, are available from the Universal Controller Web UI in the same way as from the Informatica Monitoring Console.

Version Information

Template NameVersion
CS Informatica Cloud1.2.0

Refer to Changelog for version history information.

Software Requirements

Software Requirements for Universal Agent

  • Universal Agent for Linux or Windows Version or later is required.

Software Requirements for Universal Controller

  • Universal Controller or later.

Key Features

  • Start a Data Integration Tasks,
    • Masking Task

    • Replication Task

    • Synchronization Task

    • Mapping Task

    • PowerCenter Task

  • Start a Linear Taskflow, Taskflow in the Informatica Cloud
  • Invoke a Process in the Informatica Cloud.
  • Support for folder by using latest REST API version 3.
  • Support for Parameters in Processes and Taskflows

  • Support for Customer Names in Taskflows

  • Automatic Retrieval of Activity, Session and Error-log *.


The Error-log is retrieved only for Tasks. For workflows, the error message is provided.

Import Informatica Cloud Downloadable Universal Template

To use this downloadable Universal Template, you first must perform the following steps:

  1. This Universal Task requires the Resolvable Credentials feature. Check that the Resolvable Credentials Permitted system property has been set to true.
  2. Copy or Transfer the Universal Template file to a directory that can be accessed by the Universal Controller Tomcat user.

  3. In the Universal Controller UI, select Configuration > Universal Templates to display the current list of Universal Templates.

  4. Right-click any column header on the list to display an Action menu.
  5. Select Import from the menu, enter the directory containing the Universal Template file(s) that you want to import, and click OK.

When the files have been imported successfully, the Universal Template will appear on the list.

Configure Informatica Cloud Universal Task

For the new Universal Task type, create a new task, and enter the task-specific details that were created in the Universal Template.

Field Descriptions for Informatica Cloud Universal Task



Informatica URL

Endpoint URL of the Informatica Cloud Rest API; for example, endpoint URL of the Informatica SaaS API:

App Integration URL

Endpoint URL of the Informatica Cloud Rest API to invoke a Process on Application Integration:

Informatica Credentials

Informatica credentials for basic authentication with username and password.

Task Type

The following Task Types are available for selection:

[ Masking Task | Replication Task | Synchronization Task | Mapping Task | PowerCenter Task | Linear Taskflow | Taskflow | Process]


<path>/<taskname> ( path is optional )

Path and name of the task to start in Informatica Cloud; for example, stonebranch/dataload2 starts the task dataload2 in the folder stonebranch

Print Activity Log

Prints the Activity Log to the Output of the Task Instance. For an example, refer to Activity Log screenshot.

Note: The Error Log always will be printed to the Output of the Task Instance.

Print Session Log

Prints the Session Log to the Output of the Task Instance.

Note: The Error Log always will be printed to the Output of the Task Instance.

Useproxy ( default is NO )

[NO | YES]

If set to YES, the fields to set-up the proxy server connections are displayed:

  • Proxy Server IP or hostname

  • Proxy Server Port

  • Proxy Server Credentials (optional)

Universal Controller URL

Universal Controller URL.

URL has no backslash “/” at the end.


Universal Controller Credentials

Universal Controller Credential’s

The Credentials must have “Web Service Access” Permissions.

Input Parameter File
A parameter file is a list of user-defined parameters and their associated values.
Parameters are placeholders that represent values in a mapping or PowerCenter task.
Use Custom NameCheck this field to enable the Custom Name Field
Custom Name

The Field is only visible, if the Use Custom Name check box is enabled.

Adds a custom name to the taskflow name.  The instance name uses the following format: 

<taskflow name>-<custom name>-<run ID>

Poll Interval (s)

Task Polling Interval in seconds; for example, a Poll Interval of 60 means that every 60 seconds, the Informatica Cloud will we queried if the started task has been finished.

Loglevel ( default is INFO )

Universal Task logging settings [DEBUG | INFO| WARNING | ERROR | CRITICAL]


The following screen shows an example of an Informatica Cloud Universal Task, which will start the Synchronization task dataload2 in the folder stonebranch.

The Task will print the Session Log and Activity Log into the Output of the task instance.

Informatica Cloud Universal Task

Log Files

The Activity Log and Session Log will be provided if the corresponding Flags (Print Session Log, Print Activity Log) are set in the Universal Task.

The Error Log will always be printed to the Output of the Task Instance.

Activity Log

Session Log

Error Log

Application Integration

Invoke a Process on Application Integration

The following screen shows an example of an Informatica Cloud Universal Task, which invokes the process “Print_Hello_World” on Application Integration.


In the Log-file, the Response Message from the Process is visible in case Loglevel “DEBUG” has been selected.


ut-cs-informatica-cloud-1.2.0 (2024-05-29)

  • Scheduling of Processes

  • Support for UA 7.6. (Python v3.11)


  • Support for UA and above


  • Support for Workflow Custom Name added


  • Support for Parameter Files added


Initial Version