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Temenos T24 Transact core banking software is a real-time core banking system and this integration with T24 allows UAC to Schedule, trigger & Monitor the
Daily Close of Business (COB) process in the T24 System automatically and it also helps to build your own COB workflow including the COB Pre and post-COB conditions
which might be critical for the COB execution process.

Please be noted that COB Monitoring with this Integration is about looking for active COB agents in TSM, For Detailed COB Monitoring please use the universal extension "Temenos COB Monitor" which gives a granular view of the execution status by each COB execution phase, Notify Batch Failures & Reporting

So this universal Task along with Temenos COB Monitoring universal extension provides effective COB Monitoring capabilities.   

Version Information

Template Name



Refer to Changelog for version history information.

Software Requirements

  • This integration requires a Universal Agent and a Python runtime to execute the Universal Task.
  • This integration is tested on Temenos(T24) R20 Version (Windows)
  • Universal Agent installed in the T24 server having the TAFJ DBTOOLS utility to execute a SQL / JQL / OFS statements.

Software Requirements for Universal Agent

  • Both Windows and Linux agents are supported:

    • Universal Agent for Windows x64 Version and later with Python options installed in T24 machine.

    • Universal Agent for Linux Version and later with Python options installed in T24 machine.

    • Universal Agent with below Python modules
      • requests (default with agent python pack)
      • Pretty Table - Needs to be installed additionally in the agent python pack

Software Requirements for Universal Controller

  • Universal Controller Version and later. 

Key Features

This Integration provides the following main features:

  • The ability to schedule, automate and execute Daily COB in T24 via the Stonebranch Universal Controller.
  • Monitoring COB run from an overall perspective is only possible from this Integration. To facilitate COB stage-wise monitoring its is required COB Monitor universal extension plugin from the integration Hub.
  • UAC helps to monitor the COB execution progress and alert in case of failures or slowness in the execution process.
  • Tailoring the Daily COB execution process using the UAC workflow including COB Pre and Postconditions.
  • Some of the key T24 functionalities supported are as follows :
    • Start/Stop Actions 
      • Start/Stop TSM service
      • Start/Stop/Monitor COB Service
      • Start TSM in Phantom Mode
    • Status Check Actions
      • Check Agent Status in T24
      • Check COB Status
      • Check TSM Status
      • Fetch COB Batch status
      • Clear TSA Status
    • COB Precheck Action
      • COB Date check 
      • Holiday Calendar check
      • EB EOD Error Check
    • Report
      • COB Report RT & JT Analyze
    • Other
      • Run a DBTOOL command (OSF or JQL or SQL  ) in T24

Import the Universal Template

To use the Universal Template, you first must perform the following steps.

  1. This Universal Task requires the Resolvable Credentials feature. Check that the Resolvable Credentials Permitted system property has been set to true.

  2. To import the Universal Template into your Controller, follow these instructions.

  3. When the files have been imported successfully, refresh the Universal Templates list; the Universal Template will appear on the list.

Modifications of this integration, applied by users or customers, before or after import, might affect the supportability of this integration. For more information refer to Integration Modifications.

Configure Universal Task

For a new Universal Task, create a new task, and enter the required input fields.

Input Fields

The input fields for this Universal template are described below.

FieldInput TypeDefault ValueTypeDescription
Select a T24 FunctionRequiredStart COB ServiceChoice

The action performed upon the task execution.

Valid values are:

  • Stop TSM Service  -  To Stop TSM service

  • Start TSM Service  -  To Start TSM Service 

  • Check Agent Status  - Get the list of agent(s) in running status or all the agents 

  • Start COB Service  - Start the Close of Business service (COB)

  • Stop COB Service  - Stop the Close of Business service (COB)

  • Fetch Batch Status - Fetch the Current COB Batch execution status

  • Run a DBTOOL command (OSF or JQL or SQL command )  - Run a DBTOOL command(OSF or JQL or SQL)

  • Check TSM Status - Check if the TSM service is running or stopped for the specified interval.

  • Check COB Status -  Check if COB service is running or stopped for the user-specified number of times to check and the Poll Interval. 

  • Clear TSA Status -  Clears  F.TSA.STATUS

  • Start TSM in Phantom Mode  - Starts TSM in Phantom mode via script to send JMS message

  • EB EOD ERROR Check - Check for EB EOD errors

  • COB DATE Check - Validate the COB execution date

  • Check for Holiday - Check for the Holiday calendar in the T24 system

  • RT & JT Analyze. - Extract COB Batch execution report and email options if necessary

Temenos CredentialsRequired



Credentials for Temenos TAFJEE DBTOOLS command utility

  • User as "Runtime User" (example:t24user)
  • User Password as "Runtime Password".
Transact User CredentialsRequired-Credentials

Credentials for Temenos T24 Transact User credentials as follows

  • User as "Runtime User" (example: INPUTT)
  • User Password as "Runtime Password".
Only Running AgentsRequired-Boolean

This option can be set to true or false when the Check Agent status Choice is selected

Enter a TAFJEE DBTOOLS CommandRequired-Large Text Field

Enter an OSF or JQL or SQL commands that need to be executed in T24 Server via TAFJEE DBTOOLS. (T24 Function : Run a DBTOOL command (OSF or JQL or SQL command)

Example: DBTOOLS -u t24user -p xxxxx –s JQL CLEAR-FILE F.EB.EOD.ERROR

Max number of times to checkRequired-Text

The Field is required when the selected T24 function is either "Check TSM Status" or "Check COB status".

Specify the maximum limit that you may need to check the status of COB and TSM

Poll Interval (seconds)Required-Text

The Field is required when the selected T24 function is either Check TSM Status or Check COB status.

Specify the duration in seconds to poll the status of COB and TSM service

Status to Check--Choice

This Choice Field is required when the selected T24 function is either "Check TSM Status" or "Check COB status".

It's possible to select the status as either Running or Stopped, So this would help to check the status of COB or TSM for the specified max number of times and the poll interval

TSM Phantom Mode (File Name)Required-Text

This field is required when the selected T24 function is Start TSM in Phantom Mode.

Specify the script file name which would start the TSM in Phantom mode

Log LevelRequiredINFOChoiceSpecify the Required Log level, It could be either INFO or ERROR or DEBUG
Transaction IDRequired
TextSpecify the Transaction ID when the selected T24 function is EB EOD ERROR or COB date check or Holiday Check
COB IDRequiredCOBText

This field is optional when the selected T24 function is START/STOP/CHECK COB

Specify the COB ID which would be required to Start or Stop or Check COB Status

UAC Base URLRequired

This field is visible with the option RT & JT ANALYSE

This would create 2 global variables in the below-specified format when the task is executed :

1)${ops_task_name}_RT_fname    (Example Value : RT.20220515.CSV)

2)${ops_task_name}_JT_fname     (Example Value : JT.20220515.CSV)

Specify the Universal controller Base URL below 

Example : http://localhost:8080/uc

UAC CredentialsRequired

This field is visible with the option RT & JT ANALYSE

Specify the Universal controller credentials for REST API purposes

Runtime DirectoryOptional
TextSpecify the Runtime Directory for the Universal Agent Run time user if needed

Task Examples

Select a T24 Function


Start COB (Close of Business) Service 

Scenario: To start the COB in T24 from the universal Task. Please specify any environment variables that would be needed for triggering the COB start OFS command, for example, JAVA_HOME as in the below screenshot  

COB Date Check Validation 

Monitor COB Service in T24

Example COB workflow

Scenario: Example COB workflow demonstrating the COB Pre-conditions check, COB execution & COB Monitoring capabilities using UAC

Note: Temenos COB Monitor universal extension jobs included in the workflow below for the COB stage-wise Monitoring

Example COB execution monitor Dashboard

Note: COB execution progress and its details (Widget: COB-Monitor-Table & COB-Monitor-Progress) in the dashboard needs to be pulled from the Temenos COB monitor extension task instance

Task Output

Exit Codes

The exit codes for this Universal Template are described below.

Exit CodeStatus Classification CodeStatus Classification DescriptionStatus Description
0SUCCESSSuccessful ExecutionSUCCESS: Successful Task execution
99FAILEDFailed ExecutionFAILED: COB Execution request date is a Holiday
10FAILEDFailed ExecutionFAILED: TSM service is not in Running status
5FAILEDFailed ExecutionFAILED: No Active TSM or COB Agent Found after initiating Start
1FAILEDFailed ExecutionFAILED: Exception while executing 


STDOUT and STDERR provide additional information to User. The populated content can be changed in future versions of this integration without notice.

Document References

This document references the following documents:

Document LinkDescription
Universal TemplatesUser documentation for creating, working with and understanding Universal Templates and Integrations.
Universal TasksUser documentation for creating Universal Tasks in the Universal Controller user interface.
CredentialsUser documentation for creating and working with credentials.
Resolvable Credentials Permitted PropertyUser documentation for Resolvable Credentials Permitted Property.
T24 OSF GeneratorOnline portal to generate T24 OSF Message Generator

Integration Modifications

Modifications applied by users or customers, before or after import, might affect the supportability of this integration. The following modifications are discouraged to retain the support level as applied for this integration.

  • Python code modifications should not be done.
  • Template Modifications
    • General Section
      • "Name", "Extension", "Variable Prefix", "Icon" should not be changed.
    • Universal Template Details Section
      • "Template Type", "Agent Type", "Always Cancel on Force Finish" should not be changed.
    • Result Processing Defaults Section
      • Success and Failure Exit codes should not be changed.
      • Success and Failure Output processing should not be changed.
    • Fields Restriction Section
      The setup of the template does not impose any restrictions, However with respect to "Exit Code Processing Fields" section.
      1. Success/Failure exit codes need to be respected.
      2. In principle, as STDERR and STDOUT outputs can change in follow-up releases of this integration, they should not be considered as a reliable source for determining success or failure of a task.

Users and customers are encouraged to report defects, or feature requests at Stonebranch Support Desk.


ut-cs-temenos-1.1.4 (2023-05-05)

Initial Version